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I wanna make a shout out to a long time father figure in my life, John Grimm. When I first met him in February of 2010, he was instantly one of my favorite scout masters in my BSA Troop 201. He carried high expectations for the boys but never failed to assist them when we struggled learning or completing something.

Diligence and perfection. Those are the words that come to mind when thinking back on what he was teaching us. It wasn’t about building a fire or swinging a maul to split wood. It was the lifelong lessons of teaching us to look at problems and solve them in the most effective and efficient ways, without lacking quality.

When we weren’t hard at work, most of us boys knew John to be quite witty and often funny. What I didn’t know was he would start courting my mom in late 2011. Although at the time I wasn’t very keen on it, I would laugh it off whenever some of my peers gave me a hard time over it. Deep down I knew John was/is the only man worthy of my mom. And that meant the world to me, to see my mom happy again.

When they married, it change my whole family dynamics. I finally wasn’t outnumber by girls. (my mom and sister) I had someone teach me how to shave, drive, and work. I had someone to “guy stuff” with like ride quads or shooting guns.

What I’m getting at is, if there’s anyone worthy of being elected sheriff for Kootenai County, it’s John Grimm. A former volunteer deputy, a former scoutmaster, father figure to all young men, and amazing husband to the beautiful mother of mine. #keepitidaho

Ryan Hinman – Moscow, ID

There are numerous reasons to vote against the other candidates in the race for Kootenai County Sheriff, but I’m here to tell you why I support and will vote for John Grimm.

I know he has the personality, the intelligence, the common sense and the human decency to fulfill the responsibilities of the county Sheriff. How do I know?

I’ve known John for more than 37 years and we were married for 23 of those. We raised four children and built a successful business together. John is a good dad and our children are doing well as adults (as Mike Pence said about Donald Trump, you can’t fake good kids).

John has been a father figure to the young men in his Boy Scout Troop, as well as others who were in need of a positive male role model. He taught them the value of hard work, honesty and integrity. Given his experience as a Reserve Deputy, I’m certain he will be respected and liked in the Sheriff department.

John understands budgets and finances. Even during lean times, he made sure payroll was met, bills were paid, his family provided for. I could always count on John to make sound financial decisions which is a trait that is especially needed as a public servant.

I know firsthand John is a man who is trustworthy, honest and is committed to serving the people in our community. He doesn’t just say he’s a leader. He is a leader, and is hands down the best choice for Kootenai County Sheriff!

Alanna Brooks – Coeur d’ Alene, ID

Please see my post here

From the moment I met John Grimm I knew I had met a leader. His leadership and mentoring style will be so important as he leads the sheriff’s office in the near future.

Law enforcement is a critical community service that has to be done in dangerous situations while knowing there is a camera recording.

John can lead and train the sheriff’s department to be ready for our growing population.

Bruce Waddell – Coeur d’Alene, ID

I have known John Grimm for 23 years. I was fortunate to have met him in 1996 when he hired me. In 2003 I sought employment in law enforcement and I have been a Deputy Sheriff for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California for almost 15 years now. There is no way I could have ever achieved this without the support that John Grimm has given me. I can honestly say John Grimm is the most generous employer I have ever worked for. He is also the smartest man I have ever worked with. I think the Staff and administration of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department would be fortunate to have John Grimm for their Sheriff, and the citizens of Kootenai County would be in the best and safest hands to have such a brilliant and level headed man to provide them with the best service that John Grimm is willing to provide for the county. He truly is the best man for the job.

Ben Nicholson – Orange County, CA

Super smart, self-made businessman. No nonsense follow and enforce the law type a guy. He will definitely get my vote!

Jack Hern – Rathdrum, ID

We support you John Grimm~ hands down you’re the best man for the job.

Lori Paul – Coeur d’Alene, ID

As a retired law enforcement officer, I am making the following observation of John Grimm.  I have known John since approximately 2003.

We worked together at least once a week for a few years.  During this period, I found John to be very reliable, self confident, and prepared for the task at hand. His communication and people skills are above average. Under stress, I found him able to evaluate the situation and take the appropriate action required.

I hope my above comments assist in your decision  regarding John Grimm.

William Hackney – Pierce, Idaho

John Grimm was my scoutmaster in boy scout troop 201 for several years. I believe that through his guidance and mentorship he has helped me become the man I am today. In his time as scoutmaster, he took the time to get to know each young man, teach us valuable moral lessons, and demonstrate to us what a man of integrity looks like. There is no one I believe better suited for the role of Kootenai County Sheriff.

Jeremiah R. 

All who know him are fortunate to have had him in their lives. I also have a young man who would say much of who he is today is because of having had him as a mentor, boss and boyscout leader. He always works hard to make him proud and we are all thankful for the kind and caring man he is.

Hanna Bruning – Cashmere, WA

John was my assistant Scoutmaster when I was Scoutmaster of Troop 201 for 3 years and then took over as Scoutmaster himself for another 3 years. His outstanding administration skills were one of the keys to my, and Troop 201’s success for all those years. John also took seriously the knowledge and the responsibility that we were shaping lives for years to come. He understood and taught the importance of good and active citizenship, effective leadership,accountability and good moral character. He also did something that I never saw any other Scoutmaster do before or since, and that was to just teach good manners. Whether it was how to shake hands with another man, or how to treat a woman with respect, these are skills that many young men just don’t learn anymore and I know that the boys and men under John’s leadership benefited from them greatly.

When John is not volunteering his free time to help our area’s youth, he is a very successful and hardworking businessman and employer here in our area. He runs and is the owner of a Wire EDM machine shop in Hayden that manufactures extremely precise machined parts for various applications throughout the country. I’ve been to his shop on multiple occasions and have have always come away impressed with the quality and skill level of his operation.

I’ve known John for almost a dozen years and through that time I’ve known him to be an honest and sincere man who cares deeply about our community and country. He is pretty much everything the Boy Scouts teach in their 12 Scout Laws.

Mark Whitt – Athol, ID

I too was in BSA Troop 201 and I can attest that John Grimm was way more than a father figure to the Troop. He was a role model and honestly the best Scoutmaster anyone could ask for. Yes, he held high standards for all of us, but at the end of the day he joked around like the rest of us and always made us get our stuff done in a timely manner. Having the Troop know I was openly gay was a bit of a struggle, because I always felt like I didn’t fit in with the rest of the guys. In reality, it was just me being fearful of myself. John made me realize that no matter who I like, I’m still the same as everyone else regardless of who or what gender I choose to be with. This man is a father figure to all of us, and I could not be more proud to advocate for such a worthy candidate for Sheriff. He shows no judgement and carefully examines situations so that he can produce the best outcome. 3-4 years later after finishing Scouts, he still talks to me and takes me out to lunch to see how I’m doing. If that isn’t a true friend, then I don’t know what is. Keep on doing what is best for the community and being a positive impact in people’s lives!! Whether you realize it or not, John, you make people’s lives change for the better! #KeepitIdaho

Austin W.

John Grimm has always been an amazing uncle to me and my siblings as well. When he first came into our lives we didn’t know him but we were comfortable with him instantly and loved him. He was a man worthy of respect and held himself with high morality. There was never a time that he wasn’t there right when we needed him. To this day I know I could always tell John anything or lean on him for support at any time. He loves those around him and has been a good father figure to me as well since my father passed away. He has my vote as he will always genuinely have Kootenai County’s best interest in mind because this is his home and he takes care of what’s important to him.

Michael Allen – Hayden, ID

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John Grimm for the past 10 years. He was a Boy Scout leader for Troop 201 in Coeur d’Alene, where all three of my sons were involved in scouting. He was a mentor to my oldest son in helping him succeed in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  This required a tremendous amount of volunteered time and energy. John was an outstanding example of what it means to work hard, demonstate high moral character, and give back to people in the community. He also taught these young scouts to really appreciate, protect, and respect the beauty of our local trails, rivers, and wild spaces.

I believe that his commitment to our community and our young people are two qualities that would contribute to him being an excellent candidate for  Kootenai County Sheriff.

Jolene Walters – Coeur d’Alene, ID

In the years I spent in Boy Scouts with John Grimm as a scout leader, he was always there for everyone. He didn’t come in, put on a face, get things done, and leave. He cared just as much about the kids and the adults whether it was at a scout related event or not. He put in an effort to really get to know everyone, and to let them know they could talk to him if they ever needed anything. In all the different leadership positions I held, he was always there to lend some much needed advice, and to help inspire leadership. Instead of barking orders at everyone, he was there to do it with you; to show you that he wouldn’t ask you to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself. He was also a big part in helping me get the rank of Eagle Scout.

John Grimm does things with purpose.  If there’s a project to get done, he’ll do a quality job, with quality tools, to get a quality end product. He’ll do it right the first time instead of cutting corners. He’s a man of integrity, and I’m proud to call him a friend.

Zach Bailey – Coeur d’Alene, ID

I just want my friends up in Kootenai County to know that I’m standing with John Grimm for sheriff. He is the only true conservative in the race, and you deserve and need a strong conservative for your Sheriff. I’ll send you a link to his web page so you can get a picture.

LeeAnn Callear – Longtime Region 2 GOP Chair.

I’ve known John Grimm for over 15 years and he has been consistent in all regards towards our constitution, second amendment rights, and government over reach. Having a Sheriff who will stand for our rights and not back down is more critical than ever. You have my vote John

Erik Nemeck – Hayden

I’ve known John Grimm for more than 10 years. I know him to be a good and honest man who is willing to actively contribute time and effort toward the betterment of his community.

John is well-schooled in the US Constitution, in the Idaho Constitution, and in the role and responsibilities
of a county sheriff. His intellect, knowledge of the law, and common sense will serve us well.
His management skills are proven and intentions noble. Because I share his care and concern for
the best interests of our county, I fully endorse John Grimm in his campaign to be our next Kootenai County Sheriff.

John Malloy – Post Falls


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