Photo courtesy of Lenco Armor

Change of course, well.. U-Turn

I should have done this post weeks ago.

I am not too proud or stubborn to admit when I am wrong. I am also a proponent of continued learning.

I’ve been contemplating the best way to articulate a change of opinion. During an election, I think the honest approach, when I receive new information that changes my belief, is to leave the original statement and explain why my opinion has changed.

I was approached by a deputy at the fair who was critical of my comment about possibly selling the Bearcat. I explained to the deputy that my concern with the equipment was that the initial expenditure might have been better spent elsewhere. He began to describe the usefulness of this vehicle and the number of times that it gets called out. I was previously unaware of the frequency with which this machine is used. He then told me something that completely changed my opinion. This is one of those things that you cannot accurately measure but is logical. He told me he has seen barricaded subjects surrender immediately when the Bearcat arrives.

We can not put a value on officer safety. One injury, one family devastated, or one child without a parent and that $320,000 is not even a consideration.

I’ve since spoken with a sergeant who provided me an actual example of where the Bearcat was used to extract two deputies from a dangerous situation.  I am glad Sheriff Wolfinger acquired that machine, he faced considerable backlash from the community, including myself.

In closing, to that first deputy at the fair, you know who you are. I admire your determination, your logical arguments, and your willingness to confront me on this.