The Idaho Department of Correction is searching for a site in Kootenai County to build the largest prisoner release center in the state; they have $12.2 million and they are coming.

Don’t be fooled by those who support this facility, get the facts.

This is NOT a “Halfway House”.  These are NOT parolees.  These are NOT petty criminals.

The prison release facility in Kootenai County will house “pre-parole felons”  from the 10 northern Idaho counties and out-of-state.


  • 12.2 Million dollars.
  • 130 Bed Facility.
  • All male facility.
  • 3 Employees to supervise.
  • 500 probation violations in North Idaho over the past 12 months.
  • 4-5 acre campus for future expansion.

Here is what a graduate and supporter of an Idaho release center threatened:  “You reap what you sow … you should expect [felons] to also have the same disdain and disregard for you and steal from you and victimize you because[felons] don’t see you as worthy of respect either.”

“Kootenai County is the preferred location,” Department of Correction spokesman Jeffrey Ray said,

“Current plans are for a male facility comprised primarily of returning citizens from the First and Second Judicial Districts. However, Ray also states that a final decision on the population that the center will serve had not been made. This means Boise reserves the right to house any type of offender from anywhere in the state.

The center will allow minimum custody offenders nearing release. According the Idaho department of correction’s website*, Minimum custody is designed to house inmates that range from Nonviolent and/or low-risk crime to High-risk crime but nearing a release date.

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