Let me start out by saying I am against the legalization of drugs.  I think our nation as a whole suffers because of the proliferation of drugs and drug abuse. I also think needle exchange programs are cruel hoaxes that keep people addicted.

P.A.A.R.I. or Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative is a program that originated in Gloucester Massachusetts and has spread nationwide, except here in Idaho.

I think those of us that don’t use drugs and are fortunate enough to have not been affected by them have difficulty showing compassion to drug users, especially heroin users.  What we don’t understand is how incredibly addictive opioids are and how the overuse of legal opioids has contributed to this epidemic.

Who Uses Heroin? Not Who You Might Think.  The profile of the typical heroin user has changed.  According to a study out of Washington University in St. Louis, heroin use has moved into the middle class.  If the new mother next door who was prescribed Oxycodone for pain came to you broken and asking for help, what would you do?  

Here is the program in brief: An addict who enters the Sheriff’s office with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, etc) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be subject to arrest. Instead, they will get help toward recovery then and there.

How do we pay for it? An oft-misattributed quote is “we can ignore reality, but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”  So, although I am against the idea of civil forfeiture, funding this program is one exception.  Heck, I might even sell that Bearcat.  Note: I have since changed my opinion about the Bearcat on 12/08/19 I posted the following update, click here.