Meet Nicholas Barnett

You may have seen the “Dukes of The Nuke” car around Hayden and wondered what the story behind the owner was.  I wondered the same thing so I stopped and spoke with the owner, Nicholas Barnett.

It is never a good idea to pass judgement based on appearance. Here is a young man on the right track.  Nick serves our community by working at a church youth camp during the summer.  He plans on attending a theological college and hopes to become a minister. 

Nick and his friends also enjoy participating in the wasteland festival, an annual post-apocalyptic, mad-max themed event held in the California desert.  

North Idahoans don’t make assumptions based on appearance.

Everyone has a story. I’m glad I paused long enough to find out what Nick’s is.  The Dukes of the Nuke now sports a Grimm for Sheriff bumper sticker. #keepitidaho