Domestic Violence.

One of the most upsetting calls I remember was a domestic violence call.  Crying toddler, the whole nine yards.  I apologize in advance, but I know of no better word. I remember saying to myself “this asshole stopped when 2 larger men walked thru the door”.  No wrestling, he just stopped. I won’t go into anymore but, it stuck with me.

I recently learned of a successful program that has resulted in a 25 percent decrease in reports of domestic violence in the first year.  The beauty of this program is that it works, is constitutional, and costs very little.

The program is focused on reaching out to victims and offenders to break the cycle of abuse.  After the initial incident and release, law enforcement maintains contact with the suspect by texting them, stopping by their homes unannounced, and even leaving notes.  This is only a summary and I realize that this approach cannot be used in all cases.  An expert on this program, whom I am sure would be willing to help with implementation, lives in Kootenai County.