I received an email that could be described as the rantings of an agitated individual.

Initially, I decided I wouldn’t reply because I understand that when someone makes up their mind, they are unlikely to change, even when presented with facts. However, just as I was going to hit delete, I noticed the “FW:”

Something Rick Whitehead needs to understand: I don’t make statements I can’t back up. When I joined this race, I told Richard Whitehead that if I ever had a problem with him, he would hear it directly from me. I don’t waste time with what’s going in his campaign.

Rick Whitehead, you need to read up on how the Internet and computers work. I suggest you start with RFC 5322.  Here is the non-technical version: Email messages contain headers that are normally hidden.  Among other things, these headers contain information about where an email message originated.  In the above photo, the “references” field and the “in-reply-to” field show that there was a parent message.  Rickwhitehead.com is the domain name associated with Richard Whitehead & Associates LLC.

Rick, if you’re going to write emails accusing others of dirty tactics and then ask people to forward them, you should instruct them to remove these headers.

Focus on your campaign and be less impetuous, that is not a desirable trait of a good sheriff.

As a side note, I hold no ill will against the sender of this email as many people have been knuckled under by Rick Whitehead’s high-pressure sales tactics.  I have partially obscured the sender’s name; it appears they have also been directed to harass other candidates; this might afford them some insight.

Follow up: I replied to the person that sent the email and asked a few questions, the reply to my final question tells me all I need to know: