Crime and Community Relations

I have outlined my plan to continually improve both community relations and the safety of Kootenai County


  • A weekly Sheriff’s livestream where I share what is happening in the county, answer questions, explain Idaho statutes, and connect with you.
  • Back to basics in patrol, More deputies, fewer special assignments.  Allow our deputies to focus on their jobs instead of delegating superfluous tasks such as patrol vehicle striping design, so that when you call 911, you get what you paid for.
  • Better use of technology and management, steadily work through and solve the backlog of crime.  Some crimes ARE more urgent and need to be investigated immediately, but all cases need to be investigated and properly dispositioned.
  • An aggressive program to reduce domestic violence details
  • Create non-arrest pathways for some opioid addicts by being the first agency in Idaho to implement P.A.A.R.I.  More info
  • Crackdown on aggressive driving, red-light runners, following too close and inattentive driving. We have seen a dramatic change in driving habits here in the past several years.  This is one of the biggest complaints I receive when speaking to supporters.
  • Mental health and disability awareness training:  Mandatory training and department policy development to better recognize and interact with individuals who may be intellectually disabled, language impaired, people with autism spectrum disorder, or people exhibiting trauma based reactions.  Mental health first aid training for law enforcement has not kept up with changes in our society, with heartbreaking results in several instances.
  • Start a youth explorer post program, reaching out to and including youth in Scouts, 4-H, Tribal members, Church youth groups and more. Click here for more details
  • Solve the problems at the Driver’s License Office so you don’t have to take a whole day off from work to wait in line.
  • Remove the word “civilian” from the department’s vocabulary as it relates to the interaction between sworn personnel and the citizens of the county.  I want to eliminate this subtle distinction.  The KCSO, like all other municipal law-enforcement agencies in the United States is not a paramilitary organization; it is a civilian police force.  Police powers are granted to the Sheriff by YOU, the citizens of the great state of Idaho.