It is time to get ready.

I have been hesitant to devote a lot of campaign time to the Coronavirus outbreak. I am growing concerned about the lack of awareness of this pandemic. While China is imploding, the West is mostly indifferent.

I will begin sharing info here, separate from the rest of my blog posts.  I have included older posts from my Facebook to illustrate how quick this is changing.  Please let me know if you think this is helpful.  For the past 3-4 weeks, a small group of us have been collecting news stories and sharing them on a closed chat group.  The group consists of concerned citizens, first-responders, and elected officials. The information posted comes from foreign news sites, random Chinese social media accounts, and some first-hand reports.  We are not alarmists, but the numbers and facts are like nothing seen before.  The US news has been consistently 4-10 days behind on this.

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