On Thursday, March 12, late in the evening, I published a video where I shared some information with you.  The first video is back up and can be seen here.

While some were upset, the overwhelming majority of the comments were positive, with many people asking for more information.

To be clear, there are myriad constitutional problems with the way this pandemic is being handled and the time to act was six weeks ago.

Here are some of the things I said in that video and what has happened since:

  • I was told, “This is worse than anyone thinks”  On 3/12 there were 1630 cases in the US with 41 dead.  Today there are over 65,600 cases and 930 dead.  Some tests are taking longer than seven days for results.
  • The World health organization and the US CDC did a terrible disservice to the world by initially saying this was just the flu.  More people died yesterday, 3/23 from Covid-19 in the US than the average number of daily deaths in the US from both traffic accidents and the flu COMBINED.  [1] [2]
  • Although basic hygiene is essential to stop the spread of this virus, more will be soon required of us than to just wash our hands.  Nothing so far.  What needs to happen is to reverse the ridiculous advice against wearing masks.  The CDC failed here.
  • I’m bringing you this information tonight so that once again, you can have the opportunity to prepare. If you are a daily shopper, you might consider changing that.  The following day, President Trump declared a National Emergency.  I was contacted by numerous people thanking me for this advice.
  • In the near future, as in days, it is very likely that Americans will face national restrictions.  Whether that comes in the form of a national address or at the state level, I do not yet know, but you can expect widespread school closures, limitations on public gatherings, travel restrictions in impacted areas, and possible quarantines of very large areas.  Nearly every school district in the nation closed in the past ten days, the governors of 18 states, including Idaho as of today, have issued some form of self-quarantine order, using terms such as “stay at home” and “shelter in place.”  Governors across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington D.C. have each mobilized components of their Army and Air National Guard.  

I closed the video with this: “throughout our nation’s history, there have been times where Americans have been proud to comply with burdensome requirements for the benefit of ourselves, our neighbors, our community, and our country.  As we charge into this, let us continue the unselfish behavior that Americans are known for.” 

It may seem burdensome to adhere to a stay-at-home order or silly to stand on an X while in line at the store, but please consider two people here in Kootenai County that called me last week:

The older man who is the sole caregiver for his disabled wife or the young single mom with an asthmatic three-year-old son at home; they simply CANNOT get infected.  If you must go out, please consider how your actions might affect others.

As your Sheriff, some of my personal beliefs would be irrelevant, as the Sheriff’s primary duty is to protect Life, Liberty, and Property.  I will share this; I am pro-life.  I suppose where I differ from some others is that I am pro-“all human life”, from the unborn to the elderly, friend or foe.

Yes, this is economically painful but, I do not know how to place a dollar amount on human life.  Sara and I have a saying; money problems are solvable, what is important is that we have each other and our health.

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