John Grimm for Kootenai County Sheriff

My goal as the Kootenai County Sheriff is to build the department into one of the flagships of law enforcement agencies in the Western United States; an example of what a well-led law enforcement agency can accomplish while operating within the bounds of the county budget and upholding the U.S. Constitution. 

The sheriff’s position requires more than just law enforcement experience; the sheriff is the chief administrator of the department.  My experience as a reserve deputy, decades of business and administrative skills, effective leadership and sound financial management history along with volunteering in the community, gives me the experience needed to effectively run your sheriff’s department.  Additionally, my training as a pilot has given me the ability to be calm under pressure and in dangerous or difficult situations.

I will work diligently to make the citizens of Kootenai County proud to support your Sheriff’s Office.  I will make the KCSO a place where all employees know they are valuable members of a team that has one common goal: To protect and serve their neighbors, the citizens of Kootenai County.

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Our goals require action, the dedication of our employees, and help from the community.  To succeed, three key problems need to be addressed.  I won’t waste your time by making vague promises or filling my website with platitudes.  The links below identify these problems and the specific changes I will make to improve the Sheriff’s office.  Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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John Grimm for Kootenai County Sheriff

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